WINTER broadsides

These 19 experimental settings were produced to accompany the book WINTER and have been printed in an edition of ten copies outside of that requirement. Designed, typeset by hand and letterpress printed by Jamie Murphy with much grateful assistance from Michael Simpson and Phelim McGovern. The 22 point Caslon, which is consistent across all the pieces, was cast into fonts by Neil Winter at The Whittington Press. The assorted grotesque wood types date from the late 19th and early 20th century from makers such as Stephenson Blake & Co., DeLittle of York, Day & Collins etc.

Cranked through a Western style proof press at Distillers Press, NCAD on Zerkall 225 gsm mouldmade.

Including poetry by Thomas Carnduff, Monk Gibbon, Thomas Kettle, Francis Ledwidge, Winifred Mary Letts, Clive Staples Lewis, Patrick Macgill, Thomas Macgreevy, William Orpen, George Russell, Dora Sigerson Shorter, Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, Katherine Tynan and William Butler Yeats.

Printed in an edition of 10 outside of the book.

572 x 310 mm