The Rooster, The Hand-Mill & The Swarm of Hornets

This text was hand-set and printed while resident for a week at Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet, Uttersberg Sweden. The woodcut illustrations were designed and printed at Distillers Press, Dublin, while designer in residence.

Taking its colour scheme and graphic inspiration from the European hornet, the second book under The Salvage Press imprint tells a short, darkly comic tale of want and revenge. Designed with my wife as a short children’s book, it was created in anticipation of the birth of our first child.

290 x 205 x 19 mm


This Swedish folk tale was originally printed in The Swedish Fairy Book, edited by Clara Stroebe, translated by Frederick H Martens & published in 1921 by Frederick A Stokes Company, New York. This edition runs to 50 copies, the 40 standard copies are in paper wrappers, the 10 de Luxe copies are quarter bound and housed in a slip case.