Souls Dwell

This typeface developed as a side project to the book ‘Albert, Ernest & the Titanic’.

The face was originally cut by William Hamilton Page in the 1870’s and falls under the category of Gothic Tuscan. I found this face on an advertisement for the return leg of Titanic’s first trip, from New York to Southampton. As we know that trip never happened and as a result I though that this typeface has a certain poignancy to it and that book project. I researched the face and found that it has already been digitised by Dan X Solo in the 1990’s. Taking this digitization as my starting point I wanted to create an illustrative display face that could once again be letterpress printed.

The typeface eventually adopted a nautical motif and was made into a full fount of laser-cut woodtype. A specimen posters was produced for the Crafting Type exhibition which ran in conjunction with the Offset Design Conference 2012. 

760 x 635 mm