Announcing CARBON

November 22, 2021

Carbon is the basis for all life on earth, and the harbinger of our demise. In this hypnotic prose poem / essay Jessica Traynor (Liffey Swim, 2015 and A Modest Proposal, 2017) contemplates this element in its many forms, following a meteor’s flight, picking through WWII bombsites, visiting geodesic domes, seventeenth century laboratories, Plato’s cave, and pushing ever deeper below the earth’s crust in search of wild spirits, and the black lake at the heart of all things.

Inspired by the aesthetics of hand-typed scientific reports and woodtype printed protest posters, Jamie Murphy has interpreted the text by employing a new mono-spaced typeface developed specifically for this project in collaboration with type designer Bobby Tannam. In an effort to capture the materiality of the subject, evidence of carbon rich matter emerges throughout the book in the form of smoke, lampblack, soot, charcoal, peat, graphite and diamond.

Designed & letterpress printed by Jamie Murphy. The book will be typeset in six line (one inch high) Carbon Mono, a new woodletter designed for this book by Bobby Tannam, cut from end grain beech by Scott Cameron. 

80 books are to be printed. Bindings will be executed by Marc Hammonds. 54 copies on 200gsm Losin handmade, quarter bound in allum tawed goat & carbon altered paper over boards, housed in a solander box. 26 lettered copies on 200gsm Losin handmade, bound in full carbon altered allum tawed goat, accompanied by a second copy of the book printed on and bound in graphite 200gsm Losin handmade paper, along with artefacts and extra printed materials, all housed in a solander box.

Intended for publication in April 2022. Please enquire for printed prospectus and pricing details.