Titanic Illustrations

These illustrations were made for my book ‘Albert, Ernest & the Titanic’. Through 40 images we are brought on a journey with Titanic’s on board letterpress printers as they leave home and embark on the tragic journey across the Atlantic. The images are inspired heavily by photography from the period as well as several movements within the art and design world of the day. We glimpse into the workings of the ship’s letterpress printing office as well as ┬álife aboard, both inside and outside the Ship as it departs Southampton, Cherbourg and Queenstown. The images are pin pointed in time and space by a series of nautical coordinates which are found in the book itself.

Shown here is a collection of 15 out of the 40 images produced. Designed and printed by Jamie Murphy. They were printed directly from the original linoleum blocks on an Adwest Western Proofing Press, 2012. All 40 linocuts were each printed in an edition of six outside of the 36 books.

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